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 News - 04-Mar-2013

Airlines Serving Mauritius

When flying to experience one of the famous Mauritius luxury holidays, there is a wide range of flights from which to choose. A multitude of airlines based all over the world has flights touching down on this tropical island. Whilst tourists always appreciate the choice, it is difficult to choose specific airlines because of the different merits of each. There is no 'perfect' airline. it's all down to the passenger and what they consider as the most important thing on their flight.

Read on to find out more about the different airlines serving Mauritius, and what each brings to table of luxury travel.

Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius is the home carrier for the country. It doesn't boast the company size of some of the major airlines, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in experience and knowledge. Unsurprisingly, the main benefit of this airline is that it is the airline the majority of tourism companies use within this country. It is easier to book packages with, and the staff members match the high level of attentiveness found in nearly every Mauritian hotel and villa.

Users can also expect to receive a more personalised service. Since Air Mauritius is a business in its early growth stages, it offers a service and cabin crew that is more caring and friendly than any other provider of flights to Mauritius.

The main advantages of choosing this airline are local knowledge and experience, attentive staff, and value for money.

British Airways

This is the main airline for tourists visiting from the United Kingdom. It has a long history in the aviation industry and is one of the most prominent airlines in the world. It services destinations all around the world and is known for the millions of people that fly with it each year.

Flying with British Airways to Mauritius is what passengers would call an enhanced economy product. It is the price of an economy flight with a little added luxury. The plans are modern and the entertainment options designed to suit every taste. The staff members are friendly and always available to render any help.

Visitors flying with British Airways can expect great entertainment options, plenty of help, and a streamlined and organised operation.

Emirates Flights

Emirates Flights is perhaps the most well known airline in the world. It services practically every corner of the globe, but it specialises in Asia and Africa. Visitors looking to arrive in this country for their Mauritius luxury holidays can expect to deal with staff members who are friendly and attentive.

Although there are cheaper alternatives, the entertainment options and seat comfort makes this airline value for money. For comfort and style, Emirates Flight is the best option.

Expect the following from Emirates Flights: comfort in both business and economy classes, value for money, and professional crews.

South African Airways Flights

South African Airways Flights do not have the worldwide reputation of other airlines like Emirates Flights and British Airways. At the same time, this is a good thing as it means it is the hidden gem of which travellers to Mauritius can take advantage. Unsurprisingly, this is the airline bringing people to and from Africa. Anyone looking to take a tour of the region should find him or herself encountering this organisation at some point.

Flying with this airline is a lesson in attentiveness and a genuine passion for customer service. Pilots make regular announcements revealing the current progress of the flight as well as things like meal choices. It has worked to improve its entertainment options in recent years; upgrading from tiny screens to an array of different choices. Another source of improvement comes from the economy class seat comfort. Fliers can get additional leg space for a small fee and the options available for passengers put them at the heart of everything.

What travellers get from choosing South African Airways Flights as their airline of choice are pilots who keep their passengers informed, differing choices of food, and a commitment to constantly listening to customers and making the necessary improvements.

Air France

Air France is the main airline of France and takes thousands of visitors to Mauritius each year. It is roughly the size of British Airways and, likewise, services much of the world. Those who are flying to Mauritius can expect the ultimate in comfort as Air France are most certainly specialists in relaxation and passenger well-being. Leg space is more than the majority of airlines offer.

Another great addition to the whole experience is the complimentary drink and snack. This is a departure from expensive airline foods and ensures visitors to Mauritius get a taste of five-star service even before touching down in the country.

Air France also offer an online baggage drop-off system. Although this isn’t anything new or revolutionary, they take care of it in the same professional manner as one would expect from such a prominent player in the tourism industry.

Air France offers travellers so much: comfort in the form of opulent seats and leg space, complimentary snacks and drinks, as well as an efficient baggage drop-off system.

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