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 News - 29-Mar-2012

All Inclusive Holidays Popular Among Brits

According to Travel Daily News (TDN), a leading online international tourism newspaper, British travellers have fallen in love with the all inclusive holiday. The newspaper cites numbers from several prominent tour operators suggesting the way to access the Brit tourism market is to offer all inclusive holidays with reduced prices on both flights and hotels. Among the leading examples in the report are Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, and the Caribbean’s St. Lucia.

The TDN story explains that Mauritius saw an increase in UK arrivals of 24%, year-on-year, from 2010 to 2011. But among resorts that offered all inclusive Mauritius holidays with reduced prices that increase was closer to 140%. The disparity is so stunning travel experts wonder why any resort would try to compete without offering such special deals. TDN further states that Air Mauritius provided a significant boost to the discounted resorts by agreeing to include flights in their packages and adding several non-stops from Heathrow.

In St. Lucia the numbers are equally impressive, with British arrivals up some 55% for all-inclusive resorts. Cuba noted a 66% increase while the Dominican Republic was up an astronomical 600% year-on-year. What all of this seems to indicate is that UK travellers are willing to travel overseas if the right deals present themselves. This is in stark contrast to the French who seem to have their preferred destinations regardless of the cost involved. That could be one of the reasons why both Caribbean and Indian Ocean destinations have been spending considerable time and effort to marketing in the UK.

Whether you choose Mauritius or St. Lucia, both destinations offer beautiful tropical weather, crystal clear waters, and natural wonders like coral reefs, mountain peaks, and lush green gardens. St. Lucia is known for providing some of the finest diving in the world while Mauritius is well-known for her incredible indigenous wildlife. Both offer fine luxury resorts that typically include spas, fine dining, live entertainment, and a seemingly unlimited list of water sports.

Overall a St. Lucia holiday will probably be more affordable as Caribbean prices tend to be lower this year. Travellers who might be interested in a twin centre holiday could spend a few days in the U.S. before heading to St. Lucia. For a similar holiday in the East, Dubai makes a great twin centre destination partner with Mauritius.

TDN reports that tour operators are flush with all-inclusive packages for the remainder of 2012. The summer months may offer the lowest prices ever as travel destinations seek to maximize the potential of the summer holiday season in the UK. Though the winter months are the peak time for tropical holidays, you can still do very well during the summer months. TDN suggests interested travellers take advantage of great prices by booking holiday plans as soon as possible.

If all inclusive Mauritius holidays are part of your summer plans contact us, we are a UK-based holiday company specialising in the Indian Ocean region.

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