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 News - 09-May-2011

Annual Tourism Not A Problem For Tiny Mauritius

With the recent conclusion of the Indian Ocean region's 2010-2011 peak winter travel season, this year's numbers are beginning to trickle in accompanied by plenty of optimism and good cheer. The number of tourists is up all over the region, but nowhere as much as the tiny nation of Mauritius. Recent statistics indicate that the island finished the peak travel season up 22% from the year before. In real numbers that translates to more than 933,000 visitors. The most astounding aspect to that figure lies in the fact that the total population of Mauritius is only 1.28 million.

With 75% more people on the island during the tourist season things become very active, to say the least. But the key to success in Mauritius has been maintaining a peaceful and tranquil environment, as well as maintaining infrastructure and natural resources, despite the annual swelling of the population. Furthermore, due to its long history of foreign occupation Mauritius bills itself as "one island, different people, one Mauritius." Both government and tourist leaders have fully embraced that national slogan and brought alive in the tourism industry.

The island's infrastructure for example, has been painstakingly and purposely developed in such a way as to accommodate current tourist needs and future growth. It is perhaps the world's best example of "scalable" infrastructure in contrast to other tourist destinations that are finding themselves unable to keep up with larger numbers of visitors. One group of journalists even remarked recently on the Mauritian road system which they claim was well-travelled by them without finding a single spot that was "uncomfortable."

With more than 200 miles of white sand beach and 1200 mi.˛ of tropical greenery, Mauritius is known for being a peaceful, quiet, and relaxing paradise. A Mauritius honeymoon is just one of many reasons to come and visit this place, but the island also offers plenty for family holidays, group holidays, and even large corporate gatherings. With plenty of resorts and lots to do, the island is easily the most popular tourist destination in the Indian Ocean.

The fact that the national language of Mauritius is English makes the island an "easy" destination for Europeans. Furthermore, tourists are and enchanted with the island's sugarcane plantations, rich colonial history, and diverse cultural influences including French, British, Portuguese, Asian, and African. All of these influences play a large role in island architecture, art and music, social interaction, and cuisine.

Finally, Mauritius offers a large variety of holiday options to suit any taste. Sightseers will find two UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with plenty of natural wonders that will fill their days with awe-inspiring beauty. Golf lovers have their choice of a number of championship 18-hole courses with some of the best tropical views for a backdrop. Those who prefer water sports will find everything from deep-sea fishing to diving to water skiing and parasailing. And for those who simply want to relax on the beach, there is certainly sufficient opportunity for that as well.

Some of Mauritius' neighbours aspire to be equally inviting the tourist destinations. For many of these small nations, working together with a Mauritian government and travel agencies is helping them learn the important lessons they hope will pay off in the future. Until then, Mauritius is able to accommodate plenty more visitors in the coming years.

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