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 News - 18-Feb-2013

Best Time To Travel To Mauritius

Most holidaymakers will want to know the best times of the year to visit their chosen destination in order to make the most out of their holiday. Mauritius is in an area of the world that sits relatively close to the equator. Visitors come to this island for its wonderful white sands and delightful crystal waters. It is nearly always warm and pleasurable on this exotic island, but there are some differences between certain parts of the year.
Best Time for Water Sports

A major part of Mauritius luxury holidays are the various activities taking place in the warm ocean waters surrounding the country. Go to any beach at any time of the year and it is not difficult to find jet skiing, wind surfing, volleyball, or just lots of swimmers gliding around lagoons and shorelines. The Indian Ocean borders the entirety of the country and offers warm temperatures every day of the year; even in the "winter" the waters are still warm and inviting.

The only time when it is impossible to find something going on at the beach is during bouts of rare extreme weather.

The Best Times to Enjoy the Natural Beauty

The island of Mauritius has always been a place of dazzling beauty. One of the most frequented months for visiting is in December. Europeans love to grab a getaway for the Christmas holidays. And when they arrive, they are rewarded spectacularly as the island turns into a huge flower sanctuary at this time of year. The rains begin to fall and the soil becomes nourished. We would normally class this is the equivalent of spring.

Nothing beats looking at an exotic island after the fresh rains. The shimmering rainfall hanging onto the edge of a palm leaf is something travellers will not see each day. It is a new type of natural beauty and only appears from January until about May. It is much drier during the rest of the year; this is also the reason why more people tend to visit at this time.

A popular myth is that the height of the tourist season is the only time to get up close and personal with the hidden secrets of this island. This is not the case at all. Mauritius can be enjoyed all year round.

The Local Feel

What makes Mauritius such a desirable country to visit is the kindness of its people. Many Europeans and Americans are shocked when they come as local citizens always want to help make their guests feel at home. The local culture is important to travellers. It is also one of the highlights of the island and something that makes it more than just a tropical paradise.

The best time to embrace the culture is in the low season when there is a decrease in the number of foreign visitors to the country.

The Best Time for Accommodation

Accommodation is sometimes difficult to find if not booking in advance. It may not be possible to book that luxury villa just a couple weeks before a preferred departure date. It would probably be better to book a few months in advance, especially when trying to visit during the height of the tourist season; from just before Christmas through to the end of February.

For the rest of the year, this is not a major issue. Even so, it is still strongly recommended to book far in advance. Becoming complacent because of a specific time of year makes, it easy to miss out on that villa or hotel you had your eye on.


Mauritius is no different from the rest of the world. At the height of the tourist season prices go up due to the increase in demand. The low season sees prices drop off dramatically.

Choose the right tour operator, though, and these price hikes mean very little. Booking in advance makes travellers eligible for huge discounts, which practically eliminate the differences between these times.

What about Cyclones

There are the occasional cyclones, and these usually hit in December or January. Luckily, the country is used to these occurrences and have proper contingency plans in place should they occur.

For tourists, this is not something to worry about. Mauritius is a well-equipped country and extreme weather causes minimal disruption to the tourist industry. December and January are also when the numbers of arrivals hit their peak. This is only the case because the country has invested so much in defending its people from chaotic weather patterns.

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