Mauritius luxury holidays bring in a great source of revenue for the island. Recently, news has been circulating about the possibility ...." />
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 News - 05-Sep-2013

Commitment To Defending Mauritius Luxury Holidays

Mauritius luxury holidays bring in a great source of revenue for the island. Recently, news has been circulating about the possibility of climate change seriously affecting the country and the way it does business.

The National Climate Change Adaptation Policy Framework (NCCAPF) said up to half of the island's beaches could disappear and there could be a 13 per cent drop in fresh water sources by 2050 as a result of climate change.

The government has resolved to act on this information and defend this majestic holiday destination. The beaches have always been popular. The images of sun kissed sands have been used widely in the country’s publishing material.

Visitors to the country have a wide range of beaches to choose from. There are beaches filled with water sports like jet skiing and snorkelling, along with land sports like beach volleyball. Stay in one of the island's luxury villas and guests have access to glorious private beaches and isolated locations enclosed by towering coves.

Another aspect of the country tourists love is the luxury. Access to fresh water at any time is part of the service every tourist is entitled to. Stay in a luxury villa and visitors are greeted by a bottle of water and a small towel to wash themselves down with after a long, hard journey.

Alternatively, pay extra for the services of a private butler and be treated like royalty. Mauritius is known for its affordable prices and the fact that there is a luxury package for everybody.

The government has done much to preserve the island’s natural beauty. Go on a paragliding trip and look down upon the flora and fauna of the island, which has been maintained with the inception of national parks.

There's also a range of environmentally sound activities. Take a boat out into the ocean and view some of the marine life around the island. Learn to surf and sail on the pristine azure waters. Or even take a traditional Mauritian picnic lunch hamper to the top of the cliffs after hiking through some of the forests and jungles.

Eco retreats in the hills, which use solar and wind power, preserve the environment and provide a place where visitors can get closer to nature. Staying in one of these locations is a recipe for the holiday of a lifetime.

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) also wants to tap into its environmental initiatives. It's a common theme amongst the islands of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives and the Seychelles are also taking great strides to preserve their national heritage and the things visitors love most.

With a commitment to defending the island from the effects of climate change, holidaymakers can continue to enjoy an island filled with dreams and great memories.

We are a luxury tour operator in the UK. We sell a range of Mauritius luxury holidays consisting of the activities and attractions you enjoy. Despite climate change, there’s still so much to see and do on the jewel of the Indian Ocean.

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