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 News - 03-Sep-2011

Declining Rupee: Bad For Mauritius But Good For Europe

Bloomberg has been reporting all week on the steady drop of the Mauritian rupee against the dollar. As of midday Thursday, the rupee was down .5% for the week to 27.90 per dollar. This represents the largest drop since mid-July. Bloomberg suggests that a lower demand for Mauritian exports is partly to blame. Nearly 65% of all the nation's exports go to Europe, and Europe has not been buying as much this year.

While all of this is bad news for Mauritius as a whole, it is good for Europe. It is especially good for European travellers who also make up the bulk of the total visitors to Mauritius annually. Estimates continually show that France and the UK combine to make up nearly 70% percent of arrivals to the Indian Ocean nation. A falling rupee only means that tourists will get even better deals than they did before.

According to economists, another factor to consider is the fact that more than 40% of Mauritius' foreign-currency business comes by way of the euro. In comparison to the U.S. dollar, the Mauritian rupee and the euro track fairly closely. With that as part of the equation, the big overall winner here is the UK traveller who still deals in the sterling pounds. Every time the euro loses value against the dollar British travellers get more for their money on international markets.

If you've been planning Mauritius luxury holidays within the next year, this fall may be the best time to go. The fall months are very comfortable in terms of the weather while the rainy season does not arrive until late November or early December. The fall months are also not the peak travel time in Mauritius, which means you'll have a greater choice of accommodations and fewer crowds to cope with. One particular resort, Club Med, is even offering special fall deals at their Mauritius resort to attract Europeans.

If you've never been to Mauritius you'll be stunned by the incredible natural beauty of the island. Nearly surrounded by natural coral reefs, the island boasts one peaceful, turquoise-blue lagoon after another, along with miles and miles of pristine white sand beaches. In fact, you might not believe your eyes when you first realize that all of those postcard pictures you've seen come to life on this island. Between the ocean and mountain views, an ample amount of lush tropical gardens, and plenty of opportunities for you to experience nature, you might think you've gone to tourist heaven.

One of the unique aspects of Mauritius that becomes a pleasant surprise to first-time visitors is the island's rich heritage and culture. The island is dotted with dozens of historic sugar plantations some of which are open to tourists. You'll also find historic government buildings, military sites, and churches all centred on reminding visitors of days gone by. Many of the island resorts even incorporate some of these cultural and historic themes into their architecture and décor.

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