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 News - 09-May-2017

Divine Mauritian Cuisine

When you are on holiday, food plays a very important role in the enjoyment of your time at the resort of your choice. Whether you’re on a self-catering expedition or living it up in a fancy hotel, it’s the food that will primarily determine your level of happiness for the day. Mauritius boasts delectable cuisine influenced by its rich history and heritage derived from the various groups of settlers, slaves, and indentured servants from all over the world. The flavours and spices from China and India mix in with the fragrant Dutch and British foods to create a Creole cuisine uniquely Mauritian and ideal for the hungry and adventurous palate.

Starting with the various little food markets that spring up in the neighbourhoods over the weekends, you will find anything from pink dragon fruits to purple custard apples, bowls filled with ginger, red onions, and other mixed spices. You will also find vendors selling bites of curry rolled into a roti, steaming pots of biryani, or Chinese guavas plucked from shrubs along the roadside, along with everything curry that is Indian to noodles from China. The food is plentiful and very edible. You are spoilt for choice and, in this holiday hotspot, definitely worth exploring.

Where Can I Find Mauritian Cuisine Prepared for Me

At Chez Tino on Royal Road, Trou d'Eau Douce, Marie Anne Lacour cooks food the way her mother taught her to. This lovely restaurant, situated in a house overlooking the private island of Ile aux Cerfs, started out as a little street-side tuckshop where Marie served quick lunches and snacks. Her food quickly helped her grow the shop into a bar and then the restaurant that it is now.

Marie never went to cooking school. Instead, she uses the recipes that her mother had taught her as a girl, and now she adds her own, unique touches to the food. Consisting mostly of seafood, Marie’s popular shellfish platters and other fish dishes draw crowds. Where once the restaurant only took up the top half of the house, it now resides in the whole house. Marie is helped by her children in the business. Some work in the kitchen, while her sons run a boat trips service from the restaurant. The service includes beach barbeques and picnics prepared by Marie herself.

Marie believes that the secret to good, flavourful food is preparing in advance and cooking with love. Mostly it is about the love. She believes that the flavour of the food is important. Even though the Indian curries are very spicy, Mauritian food is more flavour than spicy.

The above is just a snapshot of the sort of thing you can find all over Mauritius.

How Can I Book My Mauritian Adventure

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