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 News - 05-Nov-2014

Dubai To Open First Luxury Resort In Mauritius

It is no secret that Dubai's Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is committed to making hospitality and tourism the foundation of his emirate's economy. Under his administration, state owned Jumeirah has opened a number of stunning luxury resorts rivalling anything produced by big names like Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental. Their most recent opening was the incredibly posh Atlantis hotel, a property that quickly became the centrepiece of Dubai's man-made, palm-shaped island.

Yet Dubai is not content to build their hotels in Middle Eastern locations only. It has already entered the Maldives with two luxury properties, and now it plans to follow it up with a new, 70-hectare luxury resort in Mauritius. The new resort is expected to open sometime in 2018 under the Jumeirah brand. In the meantime, Dubai also has construction of five resorts under way in China.

Visitors to Dubai are probably already aware of how spectacular Jumeirah properties tend to be. These are spacious, lavish, well-appointed, and designed for discriminating travellers. There is no reason to believe the new Mauritius resort will not match what has been built back home.

For travellers who have not visited Dubai, the new resort provides the perfect opportunity for Mauritius twins centre holidays split between the two destinations. Use Dubai as a temporary layover on your way to Mauritius, spending a few days relaxing in the emirate. On the other hand, use it to unwind on the way home. In either case, spending time in both Dubai and Mauritius makes for an excellent holiday.

Luxury Market Rebounding

It is great to see the luxury resort market rebounding after the slowdown brought on by the economic crisis. Moreover, although global economies have not at grown to pre-recession levels, most of the West is well on its way to complete recovery. We expect to see more Europeans travelling east to the Indian Ocean region, Africa and Asia.

Mauritius is the perfect location for a new luxury resort from Jumeirah. It has long been one of the most popular destinations in the Indian Ocean region, along with the Seychelles and the Maldives. What makes Mauritius so special is the hospitality of the locals who, according to legend, live on an island that was the precursor to the legendary Garden of Eden.

We invite you to consider Mauritius twins centre holidays for your next family trip. Alternatively, spend your entire holiday on this warm and welcoming island. Mauritius would love to have you visit them this year or next. We would love the opportunity to assist you as your personal tour operator.

We are a UK-based travel operator specialising in providing affordable and customised holiday packages, we can design a package that allows for maximum relaxation in the sun and surf, or help you find a place where water sports and other nature-based activities are plentiful. You will find our holiday packages are very affordable for just about any budget.

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