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 News - 01-Apr-2014

Enjoy The Mauritius Taste Bud Sensation

Holidays are a time for relaxing; soaking up the sun and indulging in tasty food that may not be on the menu back home is what a good holiday is all about. While most holidaymakers bewail the fact that they have put on weight during a trip abroad, enjoying local delicacies and chef-cooked food is almost a mandatory part of the holiday experience – a trip to Mauritius offers some of the finest dining opportunities in the world.

So what does Mauritius have to offer to gourmet travellers looking for delicacies to delight the taste buds and justify an after-holiday diet While many people travel to Mauritius for the wonderful beaches and rejuvenating spa treatments, some head to the island simply because the food is a gastronomic revelation, and there are plenty of tasty street foods and restaurant meals to satisfy the most jaded of appetites.

A Daily Menu

Producing fine food with complimentary spices, great presentation, and the ultimate aim of pleasing diners is what Mauritian chefs do best. From pancake breakfasts to six course Michelin-standard meals at some of the island's superb hotels, a typical Mauritian daily menu is tempting, filling, and exceedingly satisfying. A typical day’s eating can provide the following tantalising treats:

• Go French like the natives and try a tea and dholl puri breakfast at the Flacq Market, where street vendors serve the unleavened bread and lentil pancakes from the back of tiny mopeds, or a glass case within the well-stocked food hall.

• A seafood lunch with a starter of local and freshly caught giant prawns and a confit of papaya, followed by grilled sea bream with curry leaves is both appetising and filling and a wonderful way to satisfy hunger pangs before an afternoon siesta on a shaded hammock.

• Pre-dinner drinks are as tasty as the local cuisine, and pink pigeon rum is almost shamefully delicious. Named after a bird unique to Mauritius, the spiced rum is infused with vanilla and used in eight different cocktails, including a martini and a mojito.

• An evening meal can take inspiration from India, with lamb cutlet encrusted with red onion and curry leaf, lamb and rose petal jus and saffron puri, followed by a coconut cremeux with apple jelly and mint ice cream to soothe the palate.

With plenty of restaurants, bars and dining opportunities to be found in Mauritius, holidaymakers may be forgiven for having to let their belts out a hole on the journey home. Nevertheless, all will agree that they would not miss the island food experience for the world!

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