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 News - 13-Nov-2013

Great Reasons To Visit Mauritius

Mauritius has its fair share of tourist attractions. Both visitors and locals admire the botanical gardens, while the wonderful old plantation houses reveal the elegance of a bygone era. There are postal museums, adventure parks and art galleries galore, plus eco tours, fabulous water sports and the wonderful beaches and hotels that make the island nation enormously popular for holidays to Mauritius. However, Mauritius is not just a tropical paradise. For those who can bear to drag themselves away from the stunning coral reefs and warm waters, there are plenty of opportunities to see another side to what is considered a top beach holiday destination.

Explore the Mauritian Countryside

At the heart of the island lies a plateau that was once the floor of a gigantic volcano. When it erupted for the last time, it left behind the rock formations that are so characteristic of the island's scenery today. Years of rainfall have created the many rivers and streams wending their way across the plateau, which irrigate the islandís sugar cane fields.

While much of the land is used for crops, there are many untouched natural attractions. The seven-coloured earth of Chamarel located in the Black River district of south-western Mauritius is one such attraction It is a simple and small area of bare land within a dense forest, where the exposed land surface reveals the remains of weathered basalt, revealing a multitude of startling colours.

The Varied Culture

The French colonial period left an enduring legacy in Mauritius. Franco-Mauritians can trace their ancestry to the early white settlers, while the ancestors of slaves and labourers from Africa and Asia have become part of the Creole population. Large-scale Indian immigration made a huge change to the islandís demography and two-thirds of the population is now of Indian origin.

Other small minorities on the island include the Chinese, who came to the island in the mid-19th century to engage in commerce. And while the island was a British colony for over 100 years, the Brits did not settle in particularly large numbers, their bloodlines now having been mostly absorbed into the Franco and Creole communities.

Festivals and Celebrations

Due to the varied communities and religions, the island holds many public holidays where different communities organise religious festivals according to their faith. Weddings are a common weekend activity and pilgrimages are huge crowd pullers. There are also annual carnivals and events where visitors may join in and enjoy a typical island celebration.

The recent 179th anniversary of the arrival of Asian immigrants to the island is just one example of the pride Mauritius has in its island. A belief in the unity of the islandís immigrants and the need to preserve history makes Mauritius much more than just a tropical holiday destination.

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