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 News - 07-Aug-2011

Increasing Mauritian Tourism Gives Rise To Specialist Operators

While European tour operators focusing on Mediterranean destinations like Greece and Cyprus continue to struggle, those with a special eye on Mauritius, Seychelles, and the rest of the Indian Ocean region are doing very well. The same can be said for many operators focusing on the Caribbean region. Tourist numbers are up for both regions this year - 5% just in Mauritius alone. And that means those in the tourism business are already working on plans for expanded options to bring more and more visitors to the island.

As we've seen through a steady stream of news reports since the start of the year, Mauritius is in the midst of a new wave of hotels, resorts, and tourist venues. Several airlines have also increased flights in order to help fill up an ever-growing bed capacity. Yet with all of this good news there's a downside from the perspective of the traveller: unscrupulous tour operators and fly-by-night operations that are just out to take customer money.

It's more important than ever for UK travellers to make sure they use a specialist Mauritius holiday operator who knows all the ins and outs of tourism in that region. Operators who know Mauritius like the backs of their hands will be familiar with all the resorts, their individual accommodations, and what each has to offer. They are also less likely to charge you a huge sum for a resort that turns out to be not worth it in the long run. Specialist operators are categorized that way for a reason; they know their chosen areas well.

Finding the right operator for your Mauritius holiday package means you'll be able to enjoy all the island has to offer without having to worry about the details. Imagine watching the sun set against a golden sky and the Indian Ocean horizon. You'll love strolling along the white sand beach, hand-in-hand with your partner, enjoying the gentle water against your bare toes. You'll lose yourself in luxury and relaxation as you look out over the ocean from your spot in a comfortable chaise lounge under a palm tree. With drink in hand and a song in your heart, you'll be living in the Mauritius dream only seen on postcards.

But rest assured, Mauritius is more than just miles and miles of beautiful beaches. There's also adventure waiting with trips to the mountains, bike rides, deep-sea fishing excursions, and high energy water sports like waterskiing, windsurfing, and the like. If you're more about dry land, you'll be thrilled with a beach side volleyball game or a walk in one of the many lush green gardens. And for those with a sense of history, Mauritius offers historic sugar cane plantations, two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and plenty of historical and cultural venues for you to visit.

Although Mauritian tourism has enjoyed a steady increase this year, there's still room for you. The country's tourism industry welcomes you and encourages you to contact your tour operator today. Don't worry; Mauritius isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Mauritius Holidays Direct which is based in the UK, is the onlyspecialist Mauritius holiday operator you'll need for your holiday packages to paradise.

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