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 News - 03-Sep-2014

Integrated Resort Schemes Are Growing In Mauritius

Countries that rely heavily on tourism for their economic success are constantly looking for innovative ways to bring new arrivals in. In Mauritius, one of the things done a few years ago was the loosening of restrictions on foreign property investors. The idea was to encourage more people to purchase holiday homes around the Indian Ocean island. With its stable economy and low tax rate, Mauritius is one of the best places to purchase a holiday property.

The success of the programme has led to the development of more integrated resort schemes (IRS) across the island. IRS resorts are popping up all over, most notably on the northern and southern coasts. The resorts are adding to the nation's economy while attracting both holidaymakers and travellers.

An IRS scheme involves constructing or developing a resort to include both residences and temporary accommodations. The resident units are purchased by foreigners looking for inviting holiday properties. Rather than allowing the properties to remain vacant much of the year though, residents rent them to holiday travellers. Resort management handles the rental and maintenance of the units on behalf of their owners.

For travellers, the advantages are obvious. Having access to a residential unit instead of a temporary hotel room can mean the difference in a luxury holiday scenario. Residential units are very popular for families, corporate travel groups, and even couples looking for the most romantic Mauritius honeymoon packages. The government expects more IRS schemes to be developed in the coming years. In the meantime, it is working on infrastructure improvements and other changes that should boost the tourism market. Numbers are good so far this year, so government officials are encouraged that their efforts are having a real impact.

Sun, Surf and More

So why should you consider a Mauritius holiday There are many reasons, depending on what you consider to be your dream holiday. Most people who visit Mauritius from the UK go to soak up the sun, white sand, and surf. And there is certainly no shortage of it on the island that locals like to say was the prototype for the Garden of Eden.

There are water sports galore as well as plenty of hiking, biking, and golf. If you are more into shopping and nightlife, the northern regions of the island have plenty to offer all year-round. Of course, the island offers a number of culturally and historically important sites to help you better understand the people who live and work on Mauritius. If you have never visited the island, we strongly urge you to put it on your list of eventual destinations.

We can help you plan your next Mauritius holiday by helping you find the best packages available. We are a UK-based travel operator catering to those looking to relax and enjoy a few weeks at a faraway destination. You will find our Mauritius packages to be competitively priced regardless of your budget.

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