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 News - 03-Jan-2014

Mauritian Taste Bud Sensations

While many of us are resigning ourselves to a long and cold British winter, only dreaming about tropical sun, the lucky ones among us who have grabbed Mauritius last minute deals will be waving goodbye to grey skies and preparing for sun, sea and sand.

Mauritius is off the south-east coast of Africa and is a multi-cultural island nation that has a long history of occupation by settlers of various nationalities. Nowadays the majority of the population is Indo-Mauritian with Creoles of African descent making up a quarter of the population. Sino-Mauritians (Chinese) and Franco-Mauritians are the wealthiest ethnic groups on the island, and there is a small Anglo-Mauritian community. The intriguing mix of nationalities through the years has influenced the local cuisine, which is classic with a tropically spiced twist.

Charming Cuisine

Mauritian cuisine is a charming cuisine, conjuring up images of sun-drenched beaches and tropical delights. The bright colours and heady aromas tantalise many of the senses and for those of us who are not taking a break to the Indian Ocean island paradise this year, a meal of Mauritian traditional dishes is the next best way to enjoy a taste of tropical heaven.

Taking the time to enjoy a Mauritian meal is like taking a trip through history, as every dish pays homage to the island's rich ethnic background, yet still manages to convey the taste of Africa with the use of fragrant spices and creative use of colours and taste sensations. Be prepared for zesty taste bud explosions and fiery tangs, soothed by the cunning use of fruits like papaya and banana.

Mauritius Cuisine London Style

It is now possible to get a taste of Mauritius in the UK, due to the foresight of London restaurant owners who have discovered the taste sensations belonging to Mauritian cuisine. Bedford and Strand restaurant near Covent Garden highlights all of the different Mauritian flavours with an array of piquant dishes.

For starters, diners can try the Chinese street food style starter of gateaux piment chilli balls, aubergine fritters and green papaya with fresh coriander, satini and tomato chutney. This fiery and piquant dish offers an explosion of hot spices appeased by the mellow papaya. Mauritian goat cari roti wrap with zasar is another tasty starter and full of flavour with added zasar zest.

Main courses include tomato-based stew called chicken daube, a bright pink dish with hot spicy flavours, or the brown coloured fish vandaye, which is a typical Mauritian colour. Then pink pigeon rum bananas, brioche, coconut crème, and crumble appease inflamed taste buds, giving a mellow sweetness with a hint of rich and sweet rum decadence. Add watermelon and ginger rum cocktail to the equation and clients could almost believe they were dining on a sultry Mauritian beach …

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