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 News - 26-Sep-2012

Mauritius Ė Utopia For Golfers

Although Mauritius is a holiday destination which is perfect for everyone, it isnít just the tropical temperatures and fabulous beaches which endear this idyllic island to visitors who are prepared to travel thousands of miles in order to reach their Shangri-La. In this instance it isnít just an imaginary paradise which only appears in daydreams. Mauritius has many brilliant facets which can be uncovered by anyone who wants to learn more about this holiday haunt which is mainly frequented by Europeans. However, with many countries in Europe still struggling with the effects of the recession which continues to affect the spending power of tourists, the expected growth of that market hasnít materialised.

Before the downturn in the global economy, Mauritius had, in 2006 anticipated that visitor numbers would double, so that £2 million people would enjoy their vacation in beautiful Mauritius in 2015. Sadly, this growth hasnít happened, with just less than 965,000 visitors in 2011, and 467,000 during the first half of 2012. Although there was a three per cent growth in 2011 over the 2010 figures, this patently isnít sufficient to improve the islandís economy.

To make matters worse, when the plans were formulated in 2006, many new hotels were built to cope with the expected expansion of the tourist market. These hotels have been completed to the highest standards, but with the numbers of visitors having flat-lined some worried hoteliers are discounting their room prices, which has the potential to damage the excellent reputation held by the island as an exclusive destination Ė for clients with substantial salaries, celebrities and/or lottery winners.

In an attempt to encourage visitors from countries which perhaps may not have previously considered travelling to Mauritius for their events, whether corporate or for purely family celebrations, government officials have been in discussions with the airline company, Air Mauritius, in a bid to increase the numbers of flights from China, India and Russia.

There are of course, many reasons why people would choose Mauritius as their ideal holiday destination. Scuba divers can enjoy the warmth of the Indian Ocean with coral reefs which nearly surround the island. Take a camera to take advantage of the clear waters which have an abundance of marine life.

For visitors who prefer to remain on dry land and have a passion for golf, why not enter the Le Touessrok-Air Mauritius International Golf Trophy which is from 18th to 25th November 2012. With the Best Mauritius Golf Resorts on the island offering such diverse activities it is possible for couples and families to indulge their own hobby whilst ensuring that other members of the group will have plenty of attractions to entertain them. This is the perfect way for all the different age groups to have the ideal holiday which will be fondly remembered by everyone for many years.

Mauritius has many festivals throughout the year, and visitors are welcome to attend and to be involved. Island residents will be delighted that you have chosen to join them, and will ensure that you enjoy the experience.

Whatever the reason for choosing Mauritius as the ultimate holiday destination, the time spent on the island will be a highlight which will remain until you make a return visit.

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