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 News - 17-Jun-2013

Mauritius And Seychelles Academies Renew Working Relationship – Boon For Luxury Holidays To Mauritiu

The Constance Hospitality Academy of Mauritius has renewed its working relationship with the Seychelles Tourism Academy by signing a brand new memorandum of understanding.

Two years ago, the two academies signed a memorandum of understanding. It permits both academies to continue exchanging lecturers and students in an attempt to continue boosting the level of education on offer.

The Mauritius Constance Hospitality Academy, in its bid to produce the next generation of managers in the Mauritius luxury holidays industry, will now provide a number of advanced courses. These courses include hospitality management, housekeeping management, events management, and wellness and spa management.

The Principal of the Seychelles Tourism Academy, Flavien Joubert, said that the Constance Academy had done a lot to support human resource development in the Seychellois tourism sector. He said these new courses would help with promoting a more professional tourism representative.

He further added that this would benefit local students attempting to get a job in their own towns and cities.

The Minister for Tourism and Culture for the Seychelles, Alain St. Ange, also attended the signing alongside the general manager of the Constance Hospitality Training Centre, Claude Narrain.

Ms Elsia Grandcourt for the Seychelles Tourism Board commended both academies for renewing their working relationship following a fruitful couple of years. She said the renewal of the memorandum of understanding would benefit the long-term futures of both countries.

Alain St. Ange made a statement after the signing ceremony: "Constance Hospitality Academy believes in the Seychelles tourism industry, and they want to continue working with us for the continued development of Seychelles and the Constance Hotels in partnership in Seychelles."

Both Mauritius and the Seychelles have attempted to promote education in the tourism industry in recent years. Critics have raised concerns about the number of foreign workers in the tourism industries. They say this is not helpful to local people and damages the prospects of communities and economies.

In previous years, both countries have sent their students abroad to academies in Thailand, Switzerland, and Canada. It has brought major benefits to the students chosen.

The drawback of relying on foreign education is the costs involved. Most students from Mauritius cannot afford the fees to go and study at these locations. They depend almost exclusively on scholarships.

By enhancing the level of education at the academies, they can promote local education. In the future, a greater proportion of native citizens will have management roles in the industry.

Mauritius has reported many times that it was "extremely disappointed" in 2012 at the results of its tourism drive. Tourism arrival numbers stagnated and did not offer the growth they were expecting. In 2013, officials expect to cross the threshold of one million tourism arrivals.

With this latest agreement, Mauritius is already setting up to reach its long-term goals in the next few decades.

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