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 News - 19-Feb-2013

Mauritius Beaches - Which Side Of The Island Is Best For Holidays

Whilst the Mauritius certainly is much more than just lots of beaches, these beaches are something every visitor loves to see regardless. White sands and lazuline waters are everywhere. Luxury hotels have sprung up just metres from the beaches, and this is why thousands of travellers from all over the world visit this diverse nation of fun and excitement. Picking the right part of the island to stay on is not so easy, though.

There are four "sides" of the island. Each side is famous for different things and has its own selection of beaches. Read on to discover more about what north, east, south, and west has to offer.

Things to Remember

When using Mauritius’ beaches, bear these things in mind to avoid causing offense or upsetting anybody:

• Nudity is banned in the Mauritius. As of this writing, the country does not yet have any nudist beaches.

• The state owns every beach in Mauritius. No private villa or hotel can claim a beach for itself, nor can it prevent a member of the public from entering the area.

• It's dangerous to swim on some parts of the island. Look out for any signs warning against swimming and bathing before entering the water.

The North Side

The North is the place to be for water sports. It is the area where most visiting professionals set up shop, and is also where it’s possible to find a number of specialist shops helping people get the equipment they need to enjoy themselves. Activities on this part of the island include parasailing, windsurfing, deep sea fishing, and water-skiing. Of course, this is only by day.

At night, the North comes alive in the form of trendy bars and restaurants close to the beach. Visit a beachfront restaurant or bar and watch Mauritius’ famous sunset as the sky turns shades of orange and purple, whilst the sun descends below the horizon of the Indian Ocean.

In this region of the country, the best area is easily Grand Bay. It is certainly the most tourist-orientated area and is where people go to enjoy Mauritius luxury holidays. Beaches are particularly beautiful and are where most of the area's main water sports take place.

In the north, the most popular beaches include the Grand Bay Public Beach, Mont Choisy, and Trou aux Biches.

The East Side

Not every traveller wants to jump into the tourist environment. Some people want to experience what they call a more 'authentic' side of the country; free from modern intrusion. The east side of Mauritius is where nature takes over. It is a wilder side and is where the Palmar and Blue Bay beaches make their homes.

In the spirit of its wilder side, visitors will find it comes as no surprise to hear the weather is more chaotic here, relative to the rest of Mauritius. Rainfall is more common than in any other part of the island and it is also where the cyclones can hit during December and January.

Some would call these beaches more "virgin" than anywhere else. Fewer people tend to visit this side of the country. Intrepid travellers should always visit this area, though, as beaches are bordered by the luscious green casuarinas trees and enclosed by windswept lagoons.

Popular beaches in this region include the Belle Mare, Blue Bay, and Ile aux Cerfs beaches.

The south side is very much like the east with its wilder side. Fewer tourism agencies promote this side, but for visitors it provides a wonderful experience as the scenery becomes wilder and less refined. Viewing the natural beauty from the beaches in this part of the country is something different to any other area.

Beaches in this region are famous for the towering sea cliffs on either side. Dramatic scenery from big waves crashing and slamming against the rocks makes for a spectacular and picturesque scene.

Swimmers will not have much fun in this region, as the beaches are not protected by any coral reefs. This means big waves are free to hit the island at will, and it is easy to be swept onto the cliffs. Strong swimmers can still find themselves in difficulties, as sea currents in this area are quite strong.

The best beaches to visit in this part of the Mauritius are the Gris Gris and Riviere des Galets beaches.

The West Side

The west side is the country’s main beach area. It is where most people take their Mauritius luxury holidays; well known beaches include the famous Flic en Flac and the Tamarin. The Flic en Flac is where brochures get their stock photos from as a delightful turquoise lagoon with shallow waters sits after being carved out over thousands of years by rain and wind.

The waves are of the perfect size for surfing, not too weak and not too powerful. The local Mauritian population also consider this area the most beautiful area of the country. It has definitely been urbanised to some extent by the arrival of luxury tourism operators, but it retains its charm as upmarket shops harmoniously sit alongside local craftspeople.

On a side note, this is where many beach weddings take place. Do not be surprised if a tuxedo-wearing party seem to be relaxing on the sands!

Enjoy the beauty of a Mauritian sunset on some of the most popular western beaches like Le Morne, Flic en Flac, and Tamarin.

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