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 News - 13-Sep-2013

Mauritius Fashion Promotes Designer At Lakme Fashion Week

Mauritius will indirectly use fashion designer Ranna Gill to promote the country at the Lakme Fashion Week,which will be taking place in India toward the end of the year. The designer will be showcasing her range of clothing, a lot of which has been inspired by Mauritian culture.

For all those companies with a vested interest in Mauritius luxury holidays , this could turn out to be a vital promotion tool. It will be a fantastic event for the island,showing that it has a lot more to offer than the usual sun, sea, and sand holidays people are used to associating the nation with.

Traditional Clothing

Visitors to Mauritius are usually surprised by the selection of traditional clothing on offer. Due to favourable exchange rates, it is possible to tour the various markets and pick up a completely new wardrobe at bargain prices. It is common to see tourists picking up the fashion trends of the nation when they visit the markets of Port Louis.

Ranna Gill was inspired by this after she visited Mauritius. She was so intrigued by the prospect that her newest winter collection incorporates some of the styles of the island.

What makes clothing from this small nation so appealing to tourists is the way it is so suited to the climate. Dresses for women are light yet are practical and fashionable to wear. Many items are still made in the traditional style, which is part of the attraction.

Michael Sik Yuen, the Minister for Tourism, believes this is a fantastic way of increasing the exposure of the country in the Indian market. Mauritius has a strong textile industry, and always has done.

The Indian Market

Mauritius has close ties with India. It is closeboth historically and in terms of tourism. Recently, tourism chiefs successfully negotiated the expansion of the number of flights travelling between the island and important Indian cities like Mumbai.

Associating itself with the Indian market has done much to enhance the tourism prospects of the country. Apart from June, the number of Indians visiting has increased continuously.

Tourists can take advantage of the fact that India and Mauritius have such close links. The connecting flights between the two countries make it easy for travellers to stop off in one country while being able to easily visit the other. It encourages more people into the Indian Ocean region by making travel easier.

Travelling to Mauritius wasn't always so easy. It is only in recent years that the country has expanded beyond one or two weekly flights. This has really improved the quality of holidays for tourists, and is why the island continues to be such a hit in countries like the UK and Germany.

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