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 News - 21-Mar-2012

Mauritius Releases February Tourism Numbers

Itís been up and down for the Mauritian tourism industry for the last couple of months, creating a scenario thatís left economists and tourism officials scratching their heads in dismay. So itís no surprise that numbers released late last week were received as good news in general. According to those numbers Mauritius experienced an increase in tourist arrivals of about 2.5% over February 2011. Even more encouraging was the fact that the number of European visitors rose to just under 60,000 for the month.

The good February numbers are especially pleasing since the number of arrivals to Mauritius was down 3% in January (year-to-year). Those losses, combined with the ongoing European debt crisis led government officials to revise their 2012 projections downward by nearly 20,000. Should the Indian Ocean island see continued increases of 2.5% or more for the remainder of the year they may very well reach their initial projections and eclipse the 1 million visitor mark as originally hoped.

A European Playground

Mauritius has long been a favourite destination of the French and British because of her colonial history with both countries. At the same time the island provides a spectacular tropical environment perfect for making memories that will last a lifetime. Her glorious beaches make the perfect venue for long, romantic walks; her lush tropical gardens bring the senses alive with sights, sounds, and smells found nowhere else; the crystal-clear waters are a haven for water sports; and her eight championship level golf courses allow both amateur and professional players to golf Mauritius in style.

Furthermore, itís hard to go anywhere else and find the level of luxury service you find in Mauritius. Her five-star resorts have a reputation for providing personalised service, excellent accommodations, and spa experiences as good as you'll find anywhere.

Moving Forward in Mauritius

According to some, the only thing holding back Mauritius right now is a comprehensive air access policy that would open up Martian skies to more flights from foreign airlines. The nationís national airline, Air Mauritius, has always been very protective of its routes and has been resistant to allowing foreign entries. In fact, it wasnít until last year that the airline began easing its policies and opening the skies to other carriers. According to some officials, like finance Minister Xavier Duval, giving more access to other airlines and developing a stronger partnership between the public and private sector would help his nationís tourism industry do even better.

Either way you look at Mauritius is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. If youíre getting ready to plan your 2012 holidays you should strongly consider a visit to the island. There are plenty of flights and beds open for the remainder of the year as well as plenty of golden sunshine, white sand, and towering palms.

Whether you want to golf Mauritius , plan a family holiday, or experience a romantic beach wedding, contact us, the UK-based holiday company specialising in the Indian Ocean island.

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