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 News - 01-Mar-2017

Mauritius Still Affordable – Even With A Weak Pound

The anticipated weakness of the pound following the Brexit vote last year led many experts to believe that Britons would not be travelling as much through 2016 and into this year. Statistics show otherwise. Not only are we still travelling overseas, but many of our favourite destinations remain affordable despite the overall weakness of the pound.

Mauritius is an excellent example of what we are talking about. According to industry numbers, the price of a three-course meal in Mauritius, with wine included, is down some 14% from the same time last year. When you account for the drop in the pound, the real difference is just 2.5%. At that rate, a £5,000 Mauritius holiday last year would cost you £5,125 today.

It's not just meals that are down in Mauritius, either. A lot of the resorts have reduced their prices as well. Everything is cheaper as the Mauritian tourism industry seeks to keep people coming year after year. Now would be a great time to book a holiday to Mauritius without worrying about breaking the bank.

The Season Almost Over

Perhaps the statistics alone are not enough to convince you to take a Mauritius holiday. If so, we have something else for you to consider. The peak travel season in Mauritius runs from mid-October to the end of March. That's when people are rushing to escape Europe's winter weather in favour of a tropical paradise. It is also when prices are at their highest.

This year's peak season is almost over. So if you are willing to go off-season, you can get some exceptional deals at the finest resorts in Mauritius. Not to worry that we're already in March. There are plenty of Mauritius last-minute deals that will have you sunning yourself on your favourite beach this spring. There is plenty of room for travel from April all the way through to the end of summer.

The Best of Mauritius Right Now

We are certainly in favour of taking your Mauritius holidays in order to get out of the cold and snow. But we also know the island nation has plenty to offer even in the off-season. By booking one of our Mauritius last-minute deals for spring or summer, you can get the best of Mauritius right now. You don't have to wait until next winter to have the holiday of your life. From relaxing on the beach to scuba diving to trekking through some of the island's most spectacular natural areas, there are plenty of things inviting you to visit.

We cater specifically to those looking for a relaxing, tropical holiday that offers everything they could want at an affordable price. Our all-inclusive packages are linked to some of the most well-known resorts on Mauritius, and they can be custom tailored to your needs. If you're ready to see all that Mauritius has to offer, get in touch with us today.

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