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 News - 21-Mar-2013

Mixed Bag Of Statistics For Mauritius Tourism In February

The latest statistics on tourism numbers from February 2013 has caused mixed opinions in the small island nation of Mauritius. For the most part, the news remained positive with increases in the overall numbers year-on-year.

Visitors to Mauritius in February actually rose by 2.3 per cent year-on-year. It is a major boost for this nation as interest in its Mauritius luxury holidays waned in 2012. After a flat year, the country is determined to hit its targets of attracting one million tourists to its shores in 2013.

Official data from the government highlighted how the increase comes primarily from Asia, especially China. Statistics Mauritius said the numbers had climbed by 66.6 per cent from 2012, from 12,880 to 81,185. These startling figures improved on all reasonable expectations within the industry.

One of the biggest factors contributing to this increase is further travel freedoms in China and other such countries. Chinese citizens are beginning to explore the rest of the world more than ever. February is just before Chinese New Year, so it comes as no surprise to see thousands of travellers leaving their own countries for sunnier climes.

What comes as a shock to many in government is the height of the increase. It highlights how Mauritian tourism promotion efforts have worked to defeat its rivals in the region, including the Seychelles and the Maldives.

The downside to this news is economies in Europe have slumped again. This led to the numbers of people travelling from Europe grinding down significantly. It is acknowledged that February is naturally slow for European tourism, but the numbers fell by 10 per cent, year-on-year, to 52,839.

Although the government wants to open and nurture new markets in Asia and Africa, tourism from Europe still accounts for two-thirds of the country’s total tourist numbers. It also acknowledges European tourists tend to spend the most money in the country. Many Asian travellers just want to enjoy the azure waters and white sands of this island paradise.

Following the recent shake-up in the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Agency (MTPA), observers wondered whether the country would have as much success in attracting tourists. The upturn after a poor January vindicates the decision by the government to make some major changes at the top.

For future months, there is a positive mood in Port Louis. They acknowledge how their latest agreements with a selection of new air partners have made it a more attractive proposition for passing trade. Previously, travellers could not just fly from island to island in the Indian Ocean, so it often led them to just picking one. Now, Mauritius can pick up travellers who just want to spend a few days in the country before moving on to the Seychelles, or the African and Asian mainland.

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