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 News - 01-Mar-2013

Nightlife In Mauritius

Mauritius is often touted for its crystal waters and beautiful sands, and is often lauded for everything that happens during the daylight hours. But what are travellers supposed to do after sunset Well, there is the fledgling nightlife industry of which to take advantage. In response to the increasing number of tourists flying into the country each year, the government has kicked its tourism industry into gear and it is now a place for fantastic cuisine, wild nightclubs, and partying with a local flavour.

For travellers to Mauritius, there's something to suit everybody. Read on to find out more about some of the after-dark entertainment options on offer.

In Your Resort

Sometimes it is troublesome to travel after a long day enjoying some of the adrenaline-filled water sports of the country. Most resorts have plenty of entertainment options available on-site for tourists. Many of the five-star villas have a centre where dancers dressed in local garb appear to entertain guests. These shows change each night and offer well-rehearsed entertainment. Waiters and waitresses are always on-hand to serve drinks and make guests stays that much more memorable.

Many of these shows also come with a meal, so why not have dinner whilst sampling the delights of the local culture.

Out and About

Going out and about is something every traveller should do. Club nights have a distinctively western flavour tinged with a twist of Mauritian brilliance. DJs from all over the world regularly host nights in Mauritius as clubs invite them personally. There is everything from Sega nights to jazz, rock, and pop. Nevertheless, when going out and about, it's always handy to know about how to stay smart and stay safe.

• Beware of petty crime. Pickpockets regularly target tourist-centric areas. Keep belongings either in the resort or in closed pockets. Handbags are particularly vulnerable targets.

• Keep an eye on any drinks at all times. Do not run the risk of someone slipping some illicit substance into it.

• Avoid badly lit areas. Stay where there are always many people. Violent crime is not common in Mauritius, but when it does happen, it nearly always happens when people stray off the beaten track.

• Never take anything that seems suspicious. The penalties for drug taking and drug possession are serious in Mauritius. Sometimes local dealers may attempt to pass substances off as 'legal highs.'

• Remain wary of offers for a free tour or a free ride back to the resort. There are nearly always ulterior motives when someone offers things like this.

• Check the taxi is licenced before getting into it. Criminals have used unlicensed taxis as covers to threaten and rob their victims in the past. Don't worry; this is easy as licenced taxis are clearly marked.

Julies Bar, Pereybere

A cosy bar is always a great place to hang out. Julies Bar is a fine example of Mauritian hospitality as hosts Jean Loup and Fabienne make sure guests are taken care of and see the full scope of Mauritian style. This place is open from 4:00 pm every day until late.

On offer are full TV broadcasts of popular sports like rugby, football, cricket, and golf. Two wide screen televisions stream live broadcasts in both English and French. For those who are not interested in sports, there is a regular karaoke night to get involved with. Accomplished and experienced hosts get the bar rocking and rolling, and patrons can get up on stage themselves to bang out some classic tunes.

Nearly every week a special guest DJ visits the bar. These include local and international artists specialising in pop, jazz, rhythm, and rock. Also, watch out for the Sega nights where the dancing gets rough and wild!

Banana Beach Club, Grand Baie

The Grand Baie area is the undisputed king of tourism. The Banana Beach Club is the most famous club in the country as the well-visited bar sees thousands of visitors pass through its doors each year. It has featured in a number of movies and has participated in a TV ad or two to market its famous Phoenix beer. Guests even have the chance to bump into a visiting celebrity!

The open-air bar features live bands and concerts specialising in reggae and pop. Everyone is encouraged to dance in this bar, which opens up at 10 am and stays open late.

Behind the bar are tenders mixing all sorts of cocktails and soft drinks. Whether it is a glass of wine or a cold beer, there is something for everyone here.

Make this an unforgettable night by purchasing some memorabilia from the bar. Caps and t-shirts are just some of the things in the Banana range!

Le Château de Bel Ombre

This restaurant is perfect for those who want a break from the colourful tunes of the main cities. In the south west of Mauritius is the Le Château de Bel Ombre. This old colonial mansion is the ideal place for a romantic meal. Book a balcony table and this candlelit restaurant offers a view of the authentic stone water fountain and the rows of the Domaine de Bel Ombre sugarcane fields, perfect for enjoying your meal.

Food includes top-quality meats such as pheasant with additional fruity flavours like papaya and vanilla confit. This 1800s restored colonial home is the place to sample some of the island’s authentic dishes whilst basking in five-star service and the utmost in elegancy.

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