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 News - 23-Aug-2012

Shop Till You Drop In Mauritius – If This Is Your Thing

When it comes to vying for tourists with its Indian Ocean rivals, Mauritius is keen to point out that this island is a place with plenty going on. However, for most people islands like Mauritius, Seychelles or the Maldives are places where they want to go and catch the sun while relaxing in style. On the other hand, if you are holidaying in such a beautiful location, you may want to get out and about and explore. Or some people may want to fit in a bit of shopping. Yes shopping! Believe it or not, while our holidays are a time when we should be relaxing and enjoying the beauty around us, many tourists still like to get to the shops to see what is on offer. Thankfully, the Mauritians are aware of this and have catered for a host of different tastes with top shopping malls that are stocked with fabulous clothes from places like India and France.

And the annual Shopping Fiesta that lasts for five weeks just goes to show how keen the tourist industry are to entice more people to the island. In fact, to further attract more visitors, it has recently been announced that next year’s fiesta will include an area where people can enjoy duty free shopping. And we all know that this is something that travellers love.

If the thoughts of shopping while on holiday leave you horror struck then don’t despair because there is much more to Mauritius than just sandy beaches and a few fancy shops. The tourist industry have just this year introduced a Carnival to jump start the fiesta and this is an experience not to be missed. The first ever event saw the streets full of vintage motorbikes and cars, clowns and many other delightful characters. There were also marching bands, men and women in costume and a host of beauty queens. The event also saw some of Brazil’s finest feathered costumes making an appearance to the delight of the crowd.

Once you have had your fill of the carnival, you can start to explore various places on the island. Casela Nature Park will delight you with the variety of birds and animals such as zebras and ostriches. You may even see a giant tortoise or two. Mauritius holidays really must include a visit to one of the national parks because of the amount of beautiful scenery there is to take in.

While the island of Mauritius offers plenty to see and do, many tourists opt to stay in their resort for their entire holiday and to be perfectly honest there is really no need to leave it unless you actually want to. These resorts have everything you could need to keep you busy for a sun filled week or two. Fabulous beaches and swimming pool areas with a host of daytime and evening activities mean that guests could not get bored if they tried. And with a huge variety of fantastic food provided, these resorts cater for every taste.

If Mauritius holidays sound like something you might be interested in, then we can help.

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