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 News - 10-Nov-2015

Should You Book Early Or Last Minute

The summer holidays may seem a distant memory to some people, but others are already planning their holiday for 2016. Many believe that booking early is the best way to nab deals while others think that a last minute deal is the best way to save money. For example, those who want to travel to exotic shores might believe that booking their holiday well in advance will ensure they save money, but the reality is that Mauritius last minute deals, for example, could be a great money saver. Are Late Deals the Better Option

Whether you book in advance or wait for a last minute deal will all depend on your own circumstances and situation. Booking in advance gives you plenty of time to prepare and learn all about the destination you are going to, but you may get a better deal if you can wait until nearer the time to book.

When you want to travel will also play a role in determining when you should book. If you want to take your holiday during busy periods such as school holidays, for instance, it may be wiser to book early to make sure you get the holiday at the time you want. It could be that you have a specific time off work so that you have to travel on certain dates. In this case, you will be much better off booking in advance.

Nevertheless, if you can be more flexible with your dates and do not need to take your holiday during school holidays, you will have more options and will get great last minute deals.

Holiday Roulette

A last minute deal is often referred to as ‘holiday roulette’. This is because you simply do not know at what destination you are going to get a holiday at. You may find that the only deals available are to somewhere you have been countless times before. Nonetheless, those who are prepared to take the risk could find a fantastic deal to somewhere they could only dream of heading to, such as Mauritius or the Seychelles. Remember, however, that bargain deals are usually only found during off-peak periods, so if you can be flexible about when you travel, you could find some stunning deals.

Do Your Research

While most people believe that the best deals are to be had by those booking late, this is not always the case. It pays to do your research. In some cases, there are many fantastic offers available to those who book early. Some travel companies are offering superb discounts on early bookings, such as free child places, room upgrades, or meal deals. If you research early, you may get great deals.

Another benefit of booking early is the fact that you get the chance to spread the cost of your holiday. You can pay your deposit now and then make monthly payments, which many find easier to manage.

Booking Your Holiday

Last minute holidays are ideal for those who are flexible with their travel arrangements, but booking early pays off too. If you want to book a fantastic holiday at competitive prices, we can help.

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