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 News - 28-Nov-2018

The Best Dive Sites In Mauritius

Luxury Mauritius holidays are typically associated with white sands, warm seas, and deluxe resorts with attentive staff. However, as this stunning nation sits in the heart of the Indian Ocean, there is plenty of opportunity for underwater adventure. Therefore, those with a penchant for snorkelling or scuba diving should know that Mauritius is a top destination for their favourite activity.
Diving in Mauritius

The Indian Ocean is literally teeming with life, which is probably the main reason snorkelling and, particularly, scuba diving are such popular activities. But where are the best dive sites around Mauritius Below we have compiled a list of what we think are the best places to dive in Mauritius:

Stella Maru Wreck - The Stella Maru was intentionally sunk by the Mauritius Conservation society in 1987 with the sole aim of creating an artificial reef. The wreck sits on a sandy bank at an average depth of 23 metres; it has since become an extremely popular dive site. Indeed, with such a plethora of life to be found in and around the vessel, it is a fabulous place to dive.

The Cathedral - The Cathedral's deepest point sits around 30 metres under the surface of the ocean. It offers stunning vistas thanks to the way light filters through the many caves, arches, and caverns on the site. This dive site is for the more experienced diver.

St Jaques - St Jaques is a hugely popular diving spot in Mauritius and is ideal for all levels of expertise. The dive begins in the lagoon at a depth of just five metres. Passing coral walls and rocks, divers often get the opportunity to see magnificent marine creatures that can include stingrays, reef sharks, and turtles. As the dive continues, the depth increases to a maximum of 30 metres.

Whale Rock - Whale Rock is perfect for experienced divers. This large site varies in depth, offering divers the chance to see a diverse range of marine life. Expect to spot butterfly fish, clownfish, and angelfish as you drift through the various zones of the site.

Holt's Rock - At Holt's Rock, divers can dive through volcanic rocks with a great selection of tunnels and caves to traverse. This is a stunning dive spot where colourful explosions of corals and sea fans are an abundant backdrop to the tropical marine life. It is sure to delight you.

What Else Makes Mauritius a Special Destination

There is no doubt that Mauritius is a special place for divers, but it is also a fabulous destination for those who simply want to chill out and relax. With so much stunning scenery everywhere you look, and five-star resorts at which your every whim is catered to, luxury Mauritius holidays are the stuff of dreams.

One of the most beautiful places on earth, Mauritius is extremely popular as a honeymoon destination. However, today it is growing in popularity with all types of holidaymakers as hotels and resorts are increasingly catering to families and large groups.

If you enjoy diving, Mauritius is one of the most beautiful places on Earth to visit. But even if diving is not your thing, this is one part of the world you will definitely want to visit at least once. Call us today at Mauritius Holidays Direct for more information on booking a Mauritius holiday. We are experts in finding the perfect holiday for our customers at competitive prices.

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