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 News - 08-Jun-2012

The Culture Of Service In Mauritius

Ask many unseasoned UK travellers why Mauritius is such a hot destination and you're likely to hear all about the tropical island's spectacular weather and beautiful scenery. All of that is true. But seasoned travellers know there's a lot more to the island than her physical beauty and climate. There is a culture in the Mauritian tourism industry that's hard to find any place else. A recent article from South African financial writer Justice Malala illustrates things clearly.

Mr. Malala wrote a piece for the Financial Mail in which he was highly critical of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for not tipping waiters while on his European honeymoon. Malala was quick to point out that local Italians (the honeymooners were travelling through Italy) normally don't tip waiters because they make a decent wage regardless. But these waiters expect Americans to tip because that is a known part of their culture. Most Italian waiters go out of their way to provide their American guests an extra measure of fine service in anticipation of that tip.

So, after thoroughly excoriating Zuckerberg, Mr. Malala made the following comparison:

"I have always been fascinated by the Mauritian hospitality industry. Service in Mauritius, unlike here in SA, is extremely good. Waiters appear at your elbow before you even think that you need something. Glasses are always full. Requests are executed with speed and a smile."

He went on to talk about how he experienced the same attention no matter where he visited on the island. Through numerous visits Mr. Malala has discovered the culture of the Mauritian tourism industry is not confined just to Mauritius luxury hotels . It is evident at independent restaurants, in shops and boutiques, along the public beaches, and in nightclubs and bars. People employed by the hospitality industry in Mauritius simply know how to treat their guests’ right...and seem to enjoy doing so.

That's why discriminating European travellers continue to go back there time and again. That's why Mauritius continues to be the standard of Indian Ocean hospitality; indeed, the standard of hospitality around the world. Once you've experienced Mauritian hospitality workers greeting you with such enthusiasm and passion you will have been spoiled for any other location. It's almost not fair to other places like Jamaica, Cyprus, and Bali. Their service isn't terrible, don't misunderstand, but almost no one compares to Mauritius.

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