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 News - 04-Aug-2011

There's Plenty Of Mauritius For Everyone

Since the start of 2011 there has been plenty of good news regarding tourism in Mauritius. One report after another has shown the numbers of travellers arriving on the island increasing by about 5% from last year. Airlines, hotels and resorts, and other Mauritian entertainment and tourist venues have also reported similar numbers. And while this is good news, there is often an unintended side effect to constantly reporting such stories. What is that side effect A mistaken belief among tourists who have not yet made holiday plans that a trip to Mauritius is out of the question this year because nothing will be available.

To fight that misconception, many European and Asian holiday operators are trying to get the message out that Mauritius last minute deals are plentiful. Even with the increased numbers, occupancy rates and airline flights have not reached full capacity. Hotels still have rooms, restaurants can still take your dining reservations, and airlines like Air Mauritius and Air France continue daily flights with empty seats. And just in case those flights get too full, Air Malicious has already announced plans to continue increasing flights through the fall and into next year.

Mauritius leads most of the world's top holiday destinations in recovering from the economic crisis that nearly brought tourism to a standstill. One of the prime reasons for that lies in the fact that the nation is considered the most stable place in the region; economically, politically, and in terms of climate and weather. Not only that, the Mauritian government has partnered with the island's tourism industry to create initiatives that will attract even more visitors. It's an "all hands on deck" effort to make Mauritius the undisputed, most sought after travel destination in the world.

If the weather and natural environment of the area have anything to say about it, the tourism industry may just get its wish. Conditions in Mauritius are so near to perfect all year round that there is a quaint legend that says Mauritius was created before the Garden of Eden. After just a day or so on the island, many tourists are almost convinced the legend is true. The tropical environment of the Indian Ocean region makes for summer-like temperatures that are constant almost year-round, and the natural coral reefs off the coast provide a natural buffer from the Indian Ocean, making for crystal-clear water and peaceful lagoons.

On shore the majestic mountains of Mauritius are more than inviting to those who like to take long hikes or bike rides. Lush, green gardens are plentiful for long walks with a loved one, and historic sugarcane fields and two UNESCO World Heritage sites provide tourists with plenty of beauty and heritage to take in. In fact, there's so much to do in Mauritius that you'll have to come back several times to experience it all.

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