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 News - 05-Mar-2013

Twin Centres

The twin centre holiday is a type of holiday that is relatively new to the tourism trade. It is where travellers book a holiday that takes them to two countries. It is essentially two package holidays rolled into one. Mauritius is a favourite for these holidays because of its own attractions and the countries around it within short travelling distance. Read on to find out more about why having Mauritius as a twin centre destination can make all the difference.

What is in a Twin Centre Holiday

To put it simply, it works like this:

1. Book the twin centre holiday of choice to the desired destination at a favoured time of year. Try booking far in advance to get the best deals.

2. Fly to the first destination as standard and arrive at the relevant hotel or villa.

3. Enjoy the country in whatever way seems best. There is total freedom in everything travellers get to do.

4. Arrive at the airport and board the plane. But instead of going home, visitors fly to a nearby destination.

5. Enjoy this second country in much the same way as the first. The nature of the holiday gives complete freedom.

6. Fly home after an unforgettable outing to two separate countries.

What has Mauritius Got

This country has so much to offer people as part of a twin centre holiday. What follows is a list of the things that this nation can offer first time and returning visitors looking into Mauritius luxury holidays . Mauritius is close to a variety of other luxury locations. For a twin centre holiday, this is a part of the perfect formula because it reduces the amount of time spent in the air. There is also less of a recovery time and transfers can finish in less than 24 hours. Take advantage of South Africa and the Seychelles, to name just a couple of places.

The north of Mauritius is a place where people can take in some of the fantastic water sports. People come from all over the world just to get a taste for these serene azure waters and wild waves. Surfing, kayaking, and jet skiing are just a few of the exciting adventures found here.

All over the island, there is a friendly face to be found. Local people are dedicated to showing guests the best of what is on offer in the country. Have a wonderful chat with them and they can show visitors the parts of the island they really want to see. Such a diverse mix of cultures in one place really enhances this colourful nation.

Explore the part of the island that has remained wild and unspoiled by modern development. The amazing topography of the island with places like Black River and the Grand Baie area makes this a location where tourists can spot some native Mauritian wildlife in the luscious forests and then hours later chill out in a beach bar watching the magnificent sunset.

The Seychelles

The Seychelles is the neighbour of Mauritius and is easily the closest country. Stop off here during a twin centre holiday and embrace the Seychelles' version of Mauritius luxury holidays.These 100 granitic and coral islands offer everything expected from a tropical location in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

White sands and warm waters await anyone visiting this country. Hire a boat and explore some of the islands in comfort. The coral reefs protect the islands from the huge waves coming in from the ocean, so exploring is nothing but a pleasure.

Participate in big-game fishing, coral reef diving, and luxury wining and dining. People of all ages are bound to have fun with this regional powerhouse.

South Africa

South Africa is one of the most diverse nations in the world. It has been linked with Mauritius through tourism and trade ties for years as both industries blossom against the backdrop of the world economic downturn. Add this to a twin centre holiday and get everything from picturesque little towns to some of the rarest animals on the planet. It really is a country that offers everything.

Cape Town is the place to visit in South Africa. Its people greet foreigners and make them feel right at home. As well as everything in the city itself, there is world famous Table Mountain. Why not plan a hiking trip to the mountain whilst here and really get closer to the country's topography

See some of the rarest animals in the world by going on safari. Private game lodges offer a great opportunity to see some of the things normally only found in zoos.


Dubai isn't far from Mauritius and allows for a party in the mysterious and alluring desert. Dubai has worked hard to build itself up over the years, and it is now one of the most luxurious destinations on the planet. It is an urban holiday that contrasts perfectly with the beach fun provided by Mauritius.

Visitors to this country can expect to find a place filled with delightful hotels, world-class golf courses, and superb facilities for water and land sports. The great shopping opportunities are also something travellers simply cannot miss out on.

It only takes a few hours to fly from Mauritius to Dubai, so the downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. In a matter of a day, visitors can go from jet skiing to relaxing in a five-star hotel overlooking the skyscrapers and towers of Dubai.

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