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 News - 18-Jan-2017

Unforgettable Mauritius Experience

You feel the cool ocean breeze as it caresses your warm skin as you lay topping up your tan. You hear the chattering of tropical birds and the glorious sound of waves lapping the shore as you are in the ultimate state of relaxation. You gradually open your eyes, partly to shield them from the sunshine, but mostly because you’re trying to ease yourself into it and take in the magnificent sights and sounds around you. Once you do, you will certainly not regret it as you look around and see mile-long stretches of platinum white sands contrasting against the sparkling azure waters… This scenario sounds like it came right out of a fantasy land, right Well, you would be wrong. This is exactly what could happen on the stunning Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius. Furthermore, you can enjoy this unforgettable experience by booking with us here at Mauritius Holidays Direct. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the fantastic events that take place on the island throughout the year – for those who like something a little more than the ‘norm’.

Spring Break

If you are thinking of going on a spring break, there are many different events to view or partake in during your stay. The fabulous Chinese New Year celebrations on January 28th is where everyone dresses in red, eats Chinese food and watches the stunning fireworks as they contrast against the night sky.

If you are planning to be in Mauritius at the start of April, then you are in luck also, as the Indian Ocean Rowing Race will be coming to an end here. Witness the many teams coming to the end of their journey, which started in Western Australia!

Summer Holiday

If a summer holiday is more your thing, then make sure you check out the Crossroads of Flavours, which is the ultimate culinary experience, held in May. You will have the chance to try some of Mauritius’ top cuisine and watch live demonstrations as well. The Mauritius Ocean Classic takes place in August, in which avid sports fanatics from around the world gather here to participate in the annual kayak race of the Surf Ski World Series – definitely one for the picture albums!

Winter Sun

You could be more into a winter break, when the weather it at its worst here in the UK; what better than to go somewhere where it is warm at this time of year. And there really are plenty of events to enjoy here during our winter. Festival International Kréol takes place in November and is filled to the brim with music concerts, live dancing, culture and readings, which is guaranteed to add some flare to any holiday.


If you are considering a luxury Mauritius holiday, contact us here at Mauritius Holidays Direct; we have the means to ensure that your ultimate holiday dreams can come true! For further information or booking enquiries, get in touch today!

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