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 News - 12-Jul-2017

What Makes Mauritius The Ideal Destination For A Wedding Abroad

Getting married is very expensive, particularly if you are planning to tie the knot here in the UK. The cost of a marriage nowadays can run into the tens of thousands if you are planning to invite all the relatives on both sides. It is for that reason that so many people are now looking at saying 'I do' abroad, and there are plenty of choices when it comes to luxurious destinations. One of the most popular choices with British couples is the tropical island nation of Mauritius. The Benefits of Getting Married in Mauritius

Luxury Mauritius holidays are not something that everyone can afford every year, but when it comes to something special like a wedding, most people will push the boat out and spend that little bit extra. There are so many benefits to getting married in such a beautiful place; below are just a few examples:

- Year-Round Warm Weather - There is no doubting the appeal of a tropical nation where warm weather and sunshine is all but guaranteed. Compare that with planning a wedding in the UK; even if you chose to get married in July or August, you are still not sure whether the skies will be blue or if the heavens would decide to open on you and your guests.

- Less Expensive - Despite luxury Mauritius holidays costing slightly more than your average package holiday to a European destination, the reality is that a wedding in Mauritius will cost a lot less than a wedding in Britain. Plus, you can combine your wedding and honeymoon to make even more savings.

- Less Stress - With a wedding in a destination such as Mauritius, you can leave the stressful arrangements to someone else. Let's face it, the run up to a wedding can be pretty stressful and can leave some brides-to-be feeling worn out. Allowing someone else to take care of the ceremony and after-party will leave you more time for the fun parts, such as choosing the dress and the rings.

Obviously, there will be some disadvantages to getting married abroad too. For example, there may be some special people in your life who simply will not be able to afford to travel to a destination such as Mauritius. Older relatives may be unable to make the long journey. You may then feel the need to have a second reception party when you return home, which will then add to the cost.

Nevertheless, if you really fancy a wedding in a stunning destination blessed with beautiful weather and tropical surroundings, Mauritius is the perfect choice. Described by many as a paradise on earth, Mauritius is one of the top holiday destinations on most people's lists. >

For more information about holidays in Mauritius in 2018, contact us here at Mauritius Holidays Direct. We offer competitive quotes and can help you find the most suitable resort for a family or group holiday or for the wedding of your dreams.

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