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 News - 19-Oct-2011

Who Provides Another Reason To Visit Mauritius

A perfect tropical climate; breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean; gorgeous weather; miles of white sand beaches - these are all reasons why Mauritius is one of the top holiday destinations in the world. Travellers also come here because of its great business environment, modern standard of living, and the professional nature of its tourism industry. But now the World Health Organization (WHO) has provided yet another reason: clean air.

According to the WHO, more than 1.3 million people die every year from illnesses relating to air pollution and low-quality air. In order to measure the worst offenders the organization conducted a survey ranking 1,100 cities/regions in 91 countries. The survey results, which showed Mauritius with a pollution rate of just 12 mcg per cubic meter, placed it second in the world only to Estonia. That is astounding when you consider that most developed countries well exceed the 20 mcg limit set by the WHO as being safe for humans.

The organisation surveyed not only measured tangible pollution levels, but also took into account industrialization, methods of power generation, public and private transportation, and combustible fuels. With Mauritius being heavily tourist-based in its economy, and small enough to not require a lot of transportation options, it makes sense they wouldn't have the air pollution issues of some other countries.

For an island nation looking to showcase all of its benefits to the world, ranking second on the clean air list is another feather in the Mauritian cap. This beautiful tropical location is the perfect spot for a Mauritius honeymoon beach wedding, or adventurous family holiday. There is so much to offer above and beyond the scenery and the weather; though it's true those things certainly add to the experience.

For honeymooners Mauritius offers the solitude and beauty that make for a perfect private time. Imagine your own private bungalow built on a platform raised just slightly above a crystal-clear blue lagoon. Imagine a romantic stroll on the beach followed by a candlelight dinner as the sun sets in the distance. Mauritius is everything you could imagine your tropical honeymoon to be, and more.

One visit to Mauritius and you'll quickly see there is no shortage of activity to help you get the most out of your visit. Away from the luxury resorts and golf courses, Mauritius is an island resplendent with some of the most awesome natural wonders ever. You will be astonished at the lush, green gardens all over the island; you will be awed by the majestic mountains; you will be inspired by the incredible intricacies of the native flora and fauna. Nothing in the world is like Mauritius.

If you've been to Mauritius before you don't need the WHO to tell you what a wonderful place it is. But if you've never visited, take advantage of the clean air and come visit for yourself. The Mauritian people and their tourist industry are ready to welcome you with open arms and make your stay one to remember. They are confident that after your first visit you'll be ready to come back time and again.

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