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 News - 22-Feb-2013

Why It Is Popular To Have Weddings & Honeymoons In Mauritius

Anyone planning a wedding or honeymoon wants to make it a special day. Choosing the right wedding or honeymoon destination is difficult as couples now have the world at their fingertips. Las Vegas, Paris, and New York are just some of the favourites chosen by couples all over the world. It therefore strikes people as odd when they discover that a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is one of the most popular wedding and honeymoon destinations in the world.

This article highlights how this island can make dreams come true by offering a trip to remember.

Sun, Sea, and Sand

These three things are why people go to exotic destinations. With a wedding or honeymoon, people can make this a reality. Why not have these three favourite things present on a wedding day Grooms can also show their new brides a good time by taking them somewhere where they can get a tan and experience some well-deserved pampering.

Unlike other destinations where there are only a limited number of places to visit, Mauritius has sun, sea, and sand everywhere. Go to any part of the island for a twist on these things. For example, the west offers tranquil and serene lagoons backed by the luxury tourism behemoth, or travel to the undeveloped south and have a wedding on a virgin beach with the wild sea smashing against the cliffs behind the party.

Holiday for All

The great thing about going abroad for a wedding is that the whole wedding party can get to go on holiday. Mauritius is the ultimate tourism destination. Whatever someoneís tastes, this country caters to it. Even if every guest isnít particularly interested in lying on a beach, there are high-end shopping centres, trendy bars, and upmarket restaurants to visit.


Mauritius is often touted as a luxury destination, but this doesnít mean that newlyweds who arenít blessed with a great deal of money cannot visit. There are hotels and holiday packages to match most budgets.

The natural topography and shallow lagoons are always free. Interact with the locals and see the true face of the country. Or even just kick back in a trendy hotel. Mauritius prides itself on being an open country, and this is precisely why thousands of people visit for their special event each year.

Cultural Hotspot

Mauritius accepts weddings from practically any religion. It is not a country that uses religious laws to dictate what visitors can and cannot do. Itís actually one of the most diverse countries in the world. After centuries of occupation from colonial powers like the Dutch, British, and French, people have learned to live in harmony.

The main religion of the country is Hinduism, followed by Roman Catholicism, and Islam. Coveted religious buildings built by foreign artists of various faiths sit peacefully next to each other. It means people from all religions happily travel to the Mauritius for their religious ceremony.

And on top of this, the fantastic architecture makes Mauritius a must-see place to visit regardless.

Unique Destination

Mauritius is a major attraction for people getting married or spending an unforgettable honeymoon because it offers things found in few places.

First of all, it is the only place where the famous Dodo bird resided. The country has plenty of monuments and museums highlighting this history, as the bird mingled with the first humans who stepped on the island, and the colonial history that followed.

The majority of secluded exotic destinations require a massive change in time zone and some difficulty getting there. Not with Mauritius. It has a very favourable time zone that is only four hours ahead of GMT. It is also easy to get to as the capital Port Louis is one of the most bustling port cities in the region. With over 40 international flights leaving each day, travelling to the island is a hassle-free experience.

The stability of the country is also something that cannot be ignored. Economic freedom has helped the industry of Mauritius luxury holidays boom with hundreds of luxury villas, apartments, and hotels all over the island. People also feel extremely safe when they arrive. There is zero political upheaval and the locals welcome visitors with a smile.

Honeymoon Ease

Mauritius understands honeymooners want luxury. They have risen to meet this demand. This is why thousands of honeymooners choose this country as their destination of choice each year. Most hotels have specialist luxury packages geared towards either honeymoons or romance as a whole. Simply choose the selected package and prepare to remember this holiday for years to come.

Wedding Bliss

Planning a wedding in Mauritius is simple because everything is done in the official language of English. As long as couples fill out all the necessary forms organised through their tour operator then their matrimony is recognised in countries like the UK. It is a contrast to many other destinations that have extremely complicated laws on foreign marriages, many of which are dictated by religious laws.

In light of these revelations, most couples agree that the hardest part about planning a wedding here is deciding what to wear!

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