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 News - 13-Feb-2013

Why Mauritius – What Is Special About Mauritius

Any tour operator has to confidently answer why someone would ever want to go to the Mauritius. Obviously, the warm climate and crystal waters is one thing. However, the modern tourist wants something more. They want to retreat from their normal lives and pamper themselves for the few weeks of their holiday. Mauritius is a special place offering more than any run-of-the-mill exotic destination. It is a firmly established culture that the locals are fiercely proud of, and it is determined to incorporate this into any traveller’s experience.

Warm Climate

Generally, people like to go somewhere hot during their holidays. Tourists from Europe in particular value the Mauritius as a warm place perfect for getting a tan. Anyone who decides to go to the Mauritius can expect average temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius during the summer months, and it does not dip significantly during the winter either.

Natural Wonders

The golden sands and azure waters are what tourists see each time they open a holiday brochure. It is the archetypal holiday paradise that people dream of, but go inland and there is so much more to see.

Mauritius is only a small island. Yet there is so much to see and do and it has an incredibly diverse topography. Move away from the beach and you walk into a green and lush land. Verdant vegetation inhabits most of the island with palm trees, exotic grasses, and no shortage of colourful flowers. There are also mountain chains like Black River, Moka, and the huge Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire at 828 metres above sea level to get to grips with. A myriad of holiday activities take tourists around these mountain chains.

Luxury Tourism and Stability

Stability is what travellers look for when they go to a foreign country. The Arab Spring that caused so much trouble in Egypt and Tunisia conspired to turn many tourists away from North Africa. Look at Mauritius, on the other hand, and it is perfectly calm and stable. The political system is in good shape and there is zero threat of war from rebels or insurgents. Mauritius is a credit to the region and holds a prominent place as a member of the Vanilla Islands regional organisation.

Unlike many of the nations in this part of the world, it focuses on offering economic stability. For tourists this means that they can participate in activities like gambling. It also means any duties and fees go down. This economic freedom benefits everyone, from tour operators to investors to travellers.

What these things also mean for visitors is that the luxury tourism industry sector has moved in and wants to invest. The biggest concern for this country is getting more and more investment. Wealthy financiers from all over the world have a place within this country. For tourists, it means they can stay in luxury self-catering villas and enjoy small holiday apartments overlooking the golden sands and calm waters bordering the island.

So Much to Do

Mauritius uses its natural resources to their best advantage. With the help of tourist operators and hotel chains, visitors have a wealth of activities from which to choose. They can jump in the water and enjoy jet skiing, windsurfing, and volleyball. Move inland and there are things like picnics in the verdant grasses overlooking the island, getting up close and personal with the colourful wildlife, and even parachuting from the highest peaks.

Moreover, there are the facilities expected of any premier holidaying destination. Chain shops featuring some of the most famous brands happily sit next to independent craftspeople who sell their wares to travellers. It is an amalgamation of the modern and the past in one shopping district. The capital of Port Louis is one of the prime places to experience this first-hand.

Cultural Diversity

Normally, when visiting a new country it is about adapting to one specific culture. Travel to Italy and learn about the Catholic faith, move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and become respectful of the Muslim faith. Hop along to Mauritius, though, and experience everything at the same time. It is a unique country in that peoples of all faiths and backgrounds live together in peace and harmony.

What really strikes visitors is how warm the people are. In a place like North America, a broken car would leave the unfortunate owner stranded. In Mauritius, the community stops to help. It is ingrained in their culture. Through centuries of living close to other cultures, the people have developed an open mind. Locals are always willing to help visitors in any way they can.

It is easy to see examples of this as Hindu, Islamic, and Christian architecture sits in close proximity. The country has welcomed foreign artists to create exquisitely carved churches and mosques. Historical institutions from the island's colonial past also appear around the island, which history buffs will just love!

Where You Are

Usually the geographical location of a country does not mean a great deal. In the case of this nation, there is an exception. Mauritius is in a fantastic location for travellers to move on to another country after they have finished sampling its beauty. The Seychelles and the Maldives are a short flight away. The country is also beginning to operate flights to South Africa, India, and China. Visitors looking to tour the whole region and experience something unique are in the perfect place to do so.

Mauritius is special not because of anything new. It is unique because it combines everything you could ever want without any problems. Cultural delights and geographical wonders all come together in this luxury tourism-orientated destination. Mauritius luxury holidays truly offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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