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 News - 14-Feb-2013

Why Mauritius Holidays Direct

Mauritius Holidays Direct is a tour operator specialising in getting tourists into their desired holiday abode. It is about giving travellers the best experience possible so they will keep coming back to the Mauritius in the future. However, they know tourists only want to deal with the premier tourist operators. This operator is an excellent purveyor of luxury holidays to this island nation, and here is the truth as to why this is the case.

Dealing with the Best

What separate this tour operator from everyone else are its relationships. It doesn’t matter how good a company is. They cannot give their clientele what they need unless they deal with the right companies. Mauritius Holidays Direct has a number of personal relationships with key airline partners and hotels.

What this means for travellers is that they get access to the discounts, special offers, and savings before anybody else. Hotels and airlines pass them straight on to the tour operator as part of their special relationships. If someone buys direct from Mauritius Holidays Direct, what he or she gets is the best price guaranteed. It revolutionises the traditional industry of tour operation by cutting out the middlemen. No commissions equal more savings for travellers.

Moreover, the organisation is also operating a special offer. If there’s a better price found elsewhere within 48 hours of booking, they will give their customer this price and refund them whatever the difference happens to be.

Know Where to Go

Mauritius Holidays Direct only employs people who know about the industry they are working in. Each person has been properly trained and educated in the subject of Mauritius luxury holidays . As part of its commitment to continuing education, it has pledged to send each one of its employees to the Mauritius so they can experience the country first-hand.

When tourists decide to choose Mauritius Holidays Direct as their operator of choice, they have access to the very best advisors. These individuals know the country from experience and can speak on things that aren’t necessarily featured in prominent holiday brochures.

Protection and Guarantees

All clients gain full financial protection direct from the industry. It has been accredited and protected through its association with organisations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), and they hold an Air Travel Organisers Licence (ATOL Protected 5744).

What this means is that when booking a holiday, this holiday is guaranteed. Even if the company goes bust tomorrow, everyone with a booked holiday will get this holiday, and this is the worst-case scenario. The financial crisis of 2008 caused a decrease in confidence around the industry. Mauritius Holidays Direct goes the extra mile to make sure their clients always have their trips ring-fenced from the rest of the chaotic financial markets.


A particular annoyance for potential tourists is not knowing whether the booking has gone through or not, especially when booking through a tour operator, because people do not necessarily deal with the hotels. Mauritius Holidays Direct has remedied this issue by making sure they send an instant confirmation through email the moment the hotel confirms they have received both the payment and booking.

All details of this holiday appear on the confirmation, including an ATOL Certificate, any special requests, and any business terms and conditions. Clients appreciate this level of detail and attentiveness.

Holiday Guide

What so many other tour operators do not do is stay in contact after completing all the formalities. Mauritius Holidays Direct is different because it sends a free Mauritius Guide book and a company brochure to each client through the post. This gives lots of information on the facilities of the hotel, and what each person can experience during their time on the island.

This is essential for deciding exactly what to do whilst there. It prevents any stress after arriving and allows sufficient time for tourists to mull their decisions over. It means that they can get the most out of their holidays.

Travel Documents

The full set of necessary travel documents come through the post roughly two weeks before it is time to leave. These include electronic tickets and vouchers for both travel and the hotel. The company presents them in a handy leather pouch along with baggage labels so tourists can keep their luggage safe and sound.

Mauritius Holidays Direct is not just a company based in the UK. It is with its clients throughout their holiday to make sure they have everything they could ever need. The moment visitors’ step into the custom hall, their representative treats them to a smile and a warm welcome. Representatives guide holidaymakers into transfer vehicles and present them with an ice-cold bottle of water. Learn about the island with them and receive directions to a variety of exciting activities.

No other tour operator can offer this level of service. It comes at no extra cost and it isn’t incorporated into the fees. It is simply their commitment to visitors, and this is why Mauritius Holidays Direct is really the only option when it comes to first-class travel.

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