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 News - 06-Apr-2016

Why Multi-Centre Holidays Are So Appealing

When planning a holiday to far flung destinations such as in the Indian Ocean region, it could be wise to consider multi-centre holidays.Tropical locations such as the Seychelles can be combined with other exotic destinations, for example Mauritius or the Maldives, for a truly unforgettable vacation. Benefits of Multi-Centre Holidays

If you think that a trip to the Indian Ocean would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, then why not consider a multi-centre holiday. There are many advantages to this type of holiday. Below are just a few examples:

• Multi-centre holidays give holidaymakers the chance to visit more than one location while on one vacation. It means the traveller can see more of the world and get the opportunity to appreciate the culture and history of a number of places during one holiday.

• Some people get bored staying in the same place for two weeks, especially if they are on an all-inclusive break. The chance to move to an entirely new location after one week, a place where the accommodation, staff, surroundings and food will be different, appeals to many individuals.

• While Indian Ocean destinations such as the Seychelles and Mauritius are similar in terms of temperature and stunning beaches, they offer many differences too. The chance to see these two beautiful locations in one holiday means that holidaymakers can really appreciate the qualities of each location.

• Combining two locations in one holiday means cutting the costs. Instead of paying for a two-week holiday to the Seychelles one year and then another two-week holiday to Mauritius the following year, you can combine the two and take a week at each destination. Although the costs may be slightly higher for a multi-centre than they would for staying in one location for the entire holiday, it will work out cheaper than two separate holidays.

The Appeal of the Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean destinations such as the Seychelles, the Maldives, and Mauritius are hugely popular with those planning a honeymoon. These romantic destinations have everything to offer – stunning white beaches, year-round warm weather, superb accommodation, spectacular scenery, and more.

Holidaymakers often put the Indian Ocean at the top of their wish list when it comes to holidays, and it is easy to see why. As well as the beauty and tranquillity of these exotic destinations, there is plenty to do for those who want a bit more fun and adventure from their break.

Most resorts offer tourists the chance to get out and explore the surrounding areas with a range of excursions including island-hopping, catamaran sailing, trips to national parks, and much more. For those who want to stay in their resort and enjoy the first-class pampering and service, there is usually plenty on offer when it comes to land- and water-based activities.

Water activities are popular, with many tourists wishing to get up close and personal with the delights of the ocean by snorkelling or scuba diving. Alternatively, they may enjoy playing tennis, football or volleyball with other guests.

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